Uncensored Newsgroups

by Uncensored Newsgroups

Uncensored newsgroups are essential for a free society. Are you frustrated that your ISP has blocked your access to newgroups? Do you want uncensored access to your newsgroups? Do you miss being able to find the video, audio and image files you need?

More and more ISPs are dropping the newsgroups that contain files they don’t like or just censoring them. It’s really frustrating to see it happen. It is important that you have access to uncensored newsgroups.

It happened to me. Verizon started censoring it’s newsgroup service. Pissed me off when they took away my uncensored newsgroups. I don’t think they should be allowed to decide what people have access to, but they seem to get away with it.

Newsgroups should be uncensored, so people can share information and content about topics they care about.

If you’ve been blocked or just want a better usenet service, then you should find a commercial Usenet service that provides uncensored newsgroups. I choose Giganews because it retains the most content and news in their uncensored newsgroups. The service is fast and reliable. I have been so much happier since I choose Giganews.

 Uncensored Newsgroups

Don’t know what Uncensored Newsgroups are?

If you don’t know what uncensored newsgroups are, they are the hidden treasure of the Internet. There are millions of people who get together every day to share news, chat and explore content on their favorite subjects. These people are organized into groups, called newsgroups. And when you have complete access to the content of these newsgroups, I call them uncensored newsgroups.

There are golf newsgroups, cooking newsgroups, gardening newsgroups, newsgroups for movie lovers, newsgroups for classical music lovers, and there are lots of adult newsgroups as well. There are thousands of usenet newsgroups devoted to literally thousands of categories.

Each of these groups is called a newsgroup, hence the name of this blog.

Think of Usenet as a big, unregulated, uncontrollable message board in the sky. With tons of messages and content on just about every subject you can imagine.

But these message boards are different than most other message boards on the internet.

The key difference with uncensored newsgroups is that users can attach files to their messages. And since you can attach a file to a message you can, conceivably, attach many files to many messages. That’s what people do. These files are called binaries.

Use Uncensored Newsgroups to Get Binaries

Binaries are video, audio and image files. You need a special newsreader to decode the binaries. I recommend Mimo Usenet Browser + Search.  It works great for finding what you want, automatically decoding it and streaming it right away.

How do I Get Uncensored Newsgroups?

Before you can download messages and content on your favorite subject from an usenet newsgroup, you’ll need two things: access to a Usenet server and a newsreader.

To use Usenet you need access to a Usenet server. Your ISP might provide access, but most do not provide uncensored newsgroup access. So, you need your own Usenet service. Some of the popular ones are Giganews, Power Usenet and News Hosting. I recommend Giganews because that’s what I used so I know first-hand that it’s excellent. It costs about $25-$29 per month for unlimited downloads. If you can live with something with less content and a bit slower, but need something a little cheaper try Power Usenet their prices are about $10 lower, but you give up some retention and some speed.

In any case, you want to find the best uncensored newsgroups you can.